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Indian Tribal Jewellery Online

Accessorize your outfits with a bold, rustic touch using Tribal jewellery. Mirracrafts proudly offers a wonderful collection of Tribal jewellery online, which is sure to add the wow factor to your outfits.
    Tribal jewellery is all about a mix of vibrant colours and earthy tones, chunky pieces, eclectic prints, woodsy beads and lots more. Tribal designs usually feature large, eye-catching pieces that are made with silver, wood, threads and similar materials. Many of the Indian indigenous tribes were poor, so they used humble items to make these designs.

      Tribal Necklace

      Tribal jewellery pieces reflect the maker’s status, beliefs, habits, and even wealth or possessions. Our country’s rich tribal culture includes the tribes of Bastar from Madhya Pradesh, the Banjara tribes of Rajasthan, the tribes of Garo, Khasi and Jaintia hills in Meghalaya, Halba tribes of Maharashtra, and other nomadic groups from different states of the country. All these tribes have skilled craftsmen that are experts in making stunning ornaments from metals and beads, stones, and natural accents.
        Mirracrafts strives to offer a little glimpse into the lives and socio-cultural traditions of tribal groups in India. At this online handicrafts store, you will find rustic tribal designs, apart from other Indian handicrafts online.
          You can take home funky designs made from German silver, such as a Peacock Shaped German Silver Tribal choker necklace with earrings to match, or a German Silver Tribal netted necklace with braided design in multi-coloured thread, which is sure to make heads turn when you wear it. You can also opt for more sober designs such as a German Silver Tribal necklace with double braided design in black thread, which will make a wonderful impression without being too over-the-top.
            Proudly made in India, tribal jewellery will add a unique touch to both traditional as well as modern outfits. Embellish your clothes with tribal ornaments to make a bold statement at any occasion or event.