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Lend a stunning finish to your ethnic attire with gorgeous Meenakari jewellery. Mirracrafts brings to you a lovely collection of beautiful Meenakari jewellery online which will surely enhance the look of any traditional garb. Meena is a Persian word for heaven, and draws its reference from the alluring Azure colour of heaven. Meenakari products were first created by Iranian craftsmen and was brought to India by the Mughals. It traditionally had a gold base, with an intricate design featuring flowers, animals, birds, etc., chiselled onto the surface. The design is then filled or coated with enamel for a unique, colourful look. Nowadays silver and copper are also used for Meenakari jewellery and artefacts. Popular in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Delhi, as well as Kashmir, Lucknow and Varanasi, Meenakari ornaments are beautiful products of skilled craftsmanship in India. The hereditary art of Meenakari is passed from one generation to the next. On extremely rare occasions will it be passed on to people outside the family. It’s a long and complex process, which involves different experts working on several elements of the design before it’s ready to be sold. Mirracrafts understands the demand for one-of-a-kind Meenakari jewellery in India. This online handicrafts store not only offers stunning Meenakari designs, but also brings Indian handicrafts online for customers who seek handmade ornaments, decor, paintings and more. When you explore the collection, you will find striking designs such as Meenakari designer pendant tokri earrings in grey and maroon, and Elegant Meenakari kundan tokri ball jhumars that showcase wonderful enamelling in multiple colours. The beautiful necklaces on display include a lovely Meenakari cream coloured mango shaped pendant necklace, a Meenakari Ethnic Pipe Necklace in Yellow blue and black and lots more. A delicate craft that demands a lot of skill, Meenakari is a symbol of our country’s rich culture. Choose exquisite Meenakari ornaments for your bridal jewellery, traditional or special occasion outfits, or just to add something unique to your existing jewellery collection.