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Attractive Madhubani Art Paintings

Express your taste in ethnic art with distinctive Madhubani paintings. Mirracrafts introduces a fantastic collection of beautiful Madhubani paintings online which will add eye-catching beauty to your living space.
    Madhubani paintings, also known as Mithila paintings, were originally made by women of the Mithila region and other areas in Bihar. A wonderful style of painting, it was practiced as wall art in the beginning by Indian and Nepali women. With the advent of paper and canvas, the womenfolk in the villages started practicing the famous art on these mediums, and it came to be known as Madhubani art, which is now recognized all over the country. It’s been passed on over the years from one woman to another, and has been practiced and preserved in the same geographical area.
      Madhubani paintings have five styles, namely, Bharni, Tantrik, Katchni, Godna and Kohbar. Themes for the art range from Gods and Goddesses, to flora, fauna, nature scenes, depiction of mythological events, and day-to-day life events. The paintings are made using powdered rice paste, and the natural dyes and pigments are extracted from plants. Painting is done using fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchsticks.
        Mirracrafts celebrates the handiwork of skilled artists from the villages all over the nation. And hence you will find a wide range of Indian handicrafts online at Mirracrafts. This online handicrafts store stocks a fine collection of Madhubani paintings for you to choose from. Take your pick from unframed paintings on handmade paper, cloth or canvas. Vegetable dyes and acrylic paints are used to create wonderful patterns and designs, featuring anything from fishes and peacocks, to deities such as Lord Ganesha or Lord Krishna. or Lod Buddha
          A rare and stunning folk art form that originated from our very own country, a Madhubani painting will add a unique, centuries-old touch to your home. These fine creations also make great gifts for friends and family