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About Mirra Crafts

India is rich in its history and cultural diversity. This is aptly represented by the handicrafts produced across the country. Every state in the country has its own uniqueness representing either its History, culture or religion. The Handicrafts sector utilities the specialized skills of the craftsmen which are passed on from one generation to another. Today, an estimated 7 million artisans are depended on this sector as their primary source of income. Most of these artisans belong to the economically backward class and since average earnings of these artisans are comparatively low, the younger generation of craftsmen are moving towards alternative livelihoods. Also, With the rapid globalization and industrialization, Everyone is fast becoming westernized in his thoughts, actions and habits. There is a big gap developing between Modern India and Its history and as result the craft tradition in India is on the decline.

Mirracrafts.com is launched with a vision to “Create awareness about Indian Handicrafts amongst youngsters and aid in enhancing the presence and growth of this industry not only in India but also globally and also to improve the standard of living of craftsmen and women by sharing a % of the profits earned”

  • 1. Mirra crafts aims to aggregate the supply of various handicrafts sourced from Artisans, Manufacturers, traders etc and showcase to the world the rich and diverse cultural heritage of this wonderful country using the Powerful tool of the internet.
  • 2. Show cause in one single platform the diversity of Indian History, Culture and Religion representing the south, North, West and Eastern part of India through the enormous range of Indian Handicrafts.
  • 3. Change the gifting culture. Gift our culture, our Heritage and Tradition Instead of Toys, Perfumes, Gadgets or a crockery item.
  • 4. Engage the artisans / Manufacturers directly into the business by creating a Market place (Future Plan).

Following Handicrafts items are hosted here :

1. Dhokra crafts from Chattisgarh

2. Tanjore Paintings from Tamil Nadu

3. Bidriware from Karnataka

4. Warli Paintings from Maharashtra

5. Terracotta crafts from West Bengal

6. Marble Handicrafts from Rajasthan

7. Meenakari Jewellery from Rajasthan

8. Madhubani Paintings from Bihar

9. Kashmiri Shawls and Stoles from J&K